Vince Vaughn’s family is expanding05.01.13

Who would have thought that fatherhood would suit Vince Vaughn so well that he would go and have another child. Vince Vaughn announced that his wife Kyla is expecting their second child and that she is due August 5th. I am surprised that no one had actually known about the pregnancy til now. My curious mind has me wondering wether she is expecting a little boy or another  little girl this time.

I was quite shocked when Vince got married back in January of 2010 as I had always pictured Vince to be like George Clooney and never settling down. I thought for sure he was going to stay single so imagine my surprise when not only did he get married but had a child soon after. It seems that family life is going quite perfect for him since he is expecting another little one. I must admit that the pictures I have seen of Vince Vaughn he looks quite happy with the ladies in his life. Look a the this picture of Vaughn and his family strolling along. Don’t you think they look happy ?


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