Stars Ditching Laser Hair Removal For Waxing in Huntington Beach02.22.13

I’m always on celebrity radar, whether it be in magazines, on gossip blogs or watching e! entertainment. I know that most times magazines, TV and photos are usually edited to make celebs look flawless, but I wonder what their beauty regime is like in “real life”. I’m a CA girl and have been struggling with […]

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Adam Lambert and others on the campaign against AIDS05.20.10

A host of celebrities joined forces earlier last week and come out in support of a great cause. For the third year in a row, Paper Magazine along with c0-sponsor, H&M, together sponsored the Fashion Against AIDS Collection. Their purpose is generally about promoting safe sex and sending a positive message about overall promiscuity and […]

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Pratt and Jenner Spat is worse than girls05.18.10

Yes sources report that long time Spencer Pratt bro-mance Brody Jenner is “finally losing it”. “I saw that tattoo that he got, “ Pratt says of his former best friend’s newest tattoo, which reads simply “F**K.” “He should just add –ing idiot to it!” It certainly doesn’t sound like these two are going to be […]

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Follow up to Law & Order05.16.10

I can’t say I’m surprised but also wanted to pass the word around that the petition to save Law & Order has begun. If you’re interested in joining the thousands already on board just on their facebook page and show you support.

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Britney closing in on Kutcher’s Reign05.14.10

Yes it is true that Ashton Kutcher has maintained the Twitter King Crown since bipassing CNN to more than 1 million followers of last April. But rumor now is that Britney Spears is closing the gap and making a run for the royalty crown with reportedly about 10,000 less fans. I guess the real race […]

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