Reese Witherspoon resumes back to her happy self after last weeks arrest04.24.13

After being arrested last Friday for disorderly conduct Reese Witherspoon is seen back to her happy bubbly self. I am still in shock about seeing Reese Witherspoon’s mug shot. Never in a million years would I have thought that she would get arrested or temporarily jailed. I am more shocked that she let her husband drive under the influence. I guess everyone has their moment of dumbness but I really didn’t expect it from Reese and her husband Jim Toth.  I always picture Reese so goody goody that I would never think she put herself in such a position especially since she has children.

You would think since she is a big time celebrity she would have been more careful, because celebrities cant do nothing with out being caught sooner or later. The good thing is that Reese seems to have put her arrest in the past and is happily moving on. Lets home that there are no more repeats of such an embarrassing incident and that there was a lesson learned for the both of them. Things could have been worse and they could have had an accident or much worse hurt themselves or someone else.



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