Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Scores 100 Million Views04.13.11

Just months ago she was a regular 13-year-old girl, now viral video sensation Rebecca Black can boast that she’s beat out some of the industry’s best – scoring more than 100 million views of “Friday” on YouTube.

According to Visable Measures, a company that tracks the performance of Web videos, the no-budget music clip has received more hits than Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” and Justin Bieber’s “Pray.”

Even more, with spoofs, copies, and different versions of the song exploding all over the Web, “Friday” has actually been seen more than 200 million times.

The California teen, who is readying the release of her second single “LOL,” recently told press she “freaked out” when she heard that Gaga called her track “Genius,” adding, “I’m 13 and I never thought Lady Gaga would even know my name. I’m the kind of girl that dances to Lady Gaga with a hairbrush in her room at night.”

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