Kim Kardashian doesnt let pregnancy stop her fashionable self04.27.13

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t  dress fashionable. Take a look at Kim Kardashian even though she is pregnant that sure isn’t stopping her from wearing thongs… it might be maternity thongs but they are thongs no less. Kim has also decided not to wear maternity clothes by the look of things. I think Kim has just gone up in her normal clothing sizes and that is it. I guess when you are into fashion as much as Kim is you really don’t consider maternity clothes to look quite fashionable. of you really think about it  Kanye and Kim both can afford to have Kim’s clothes personally made so she doesn’t have to wear typical maternity clothes.

I think some of the outfits Kim wears she looks cute in but some of the outfits are just not meant for pregnant people. I bet she cannot wait to have her baby and be able to lose the weight and go back to the size she was and be able to flaunt the body she is so used to showing off. I don’t think she has gained to much weight, I just think that because she is petite any little bit of weight shows a lot on her. What do you think about Kim Kardashians wardrobe choices ?


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Jessica Simpson’s parents have finalized their divorce04.25.13

While Jessica Simpson is getting ready to become a mother for the second time her parents have finalized their divorce. After 34 years of marriage Tina Simpson and Joe Simpson decided to file for divorce in October. I for one was quite shocked. I thought they had one of those marriages that would have lasted til death did them part. I heard rumors that Joe had come out to his family but Joe Simpson has denied those rumors. I really don’t know what could have made this couple drift apart.

I often wonder if Joe and Tina  left in amicable terms and still get together as a family. I hate to see ex couples who leave in such bad terms that they cant even stand to be in the same room with each other. Jessica will be delivering in a couple of months so I hope Tina and Joe are cool enough with each other to be there for their daughter. I think after spending 34 years married they should be able to be in the same room with each other.



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Reese Witherspoon resumes back to her happy self after last weeks arrest04.24.13

After being arrested last Friday for disorderly conduct Reese Witherspoon is seen back to her happy bubbly self. I am still in shock about seeing Reese Witherspoon’s mug shot. Never in a million years would I have thought that she would get arrested or temporarily jailed. I am more shocked that she let her husband drive under the influence. I guess everyone has their moment of dumbness but I really didn’t expect it from Reese and her husband Jim Toth.  I always picture Reese so goody goody that I would never think she put herself in such a position especially since she has children.

You would think since she is a big time celebrity she would have been more careful, because celebrities cant do nothing with out being caught sooner or later. The good thing is that Reese seems to have put her arrest in the past and is happily moving on. Lets home that there are no more repeats of such an embarrassing incident and that there was a lesson learned for the both of them. Things could have been worse and they could have had an accident or much worse hurt themselves or someone else.



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I cant believe the Kardashian- Jenner family share clothes04.23.13

Sharing is caring . Even though the Kardashian-Jenner family are worth millions they still don’t mind sharing clothes. It seems that Kim has let her mom Kris Jenner use her red lace Valentino dress. Although Kim can’t wear the dress right now because she is pregnant, it doesn’t mean someone in her family won’t benefit from Kim’s awesome designer clothes. I would have thought since they are worth so much money they would never wear the same outfit twice but I am mistaken. This is not the first time the Kardashian sisters have shared clothes.

Kim was seen wearing a flowing maternity dress that her sister Kourtney wore when she was pregnant with her second child. I am glad to see that even though these ladies are famous they don’t mind sharing their cool designer clothes among the family. I wonder if we will be seeing more outfits shared among each other. I also like that the Kardashian sisters wear their clothing line. I find that a smart way to promote the clothes they sell.



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Celeb Status With The Wedding Rings Orange County Has04.21.13

Simone and Son-Custom Ring


It’s no secret that the celebs have the best engagement and wedding rings. As you know, I am constantly reading articles online, posting the latest celeb gossip, and paging through my favorite celeb mags such as People, InTouch, and US Weekly. Not only do I love the latest and greatest fashion trends they sport, but the jewelry just blows me away.

celeb ring 6 celeb ring celeb ring2 celeb ring3 celeb ring4 celeb ring5


Aren’t these STUNNING? I found celeb status wedding rings Orange County carries in their Simone and Son jewelry store. They customize rings to fit your idea of perfection. If you see a ring that your favorite celebrity wears and you want it re-created for yourself, stop in and see what they can do for you! My my favorite celeb ring is the gorgeous rock that Kendra wears. Now if I could only re-create their bank accounts… :)

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