Kim Kardashian doesnt let pregnancy stop her fashionable self04.27.13

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t  dress fashionable. Take a look at Kim Kardashian even though she is pregnant that sure isn’t stopping her from wearing thongs… it might be maternity thongs but they are thongs no less. Kim has also decided not to wear maternity clothes by the look of things. I think Kim has just gone up in her normal clothing sizes and that is it. I guess when you are into fashion as much as Kim is you really don’t consider maternity clothes to look quite fashionable. of you really think about it  Kanye and Kim both can afford to have Kim’s clothes personally made so she doesn’t have to wear typical maternity clothes.

I think some of the outfits Kim wears she looks cute in but some of the outfits are just not meant for pregnant people. I bet she cannot wait to have her baby and be able to lose the weight and go back to the size she was and be able to flaunt the body she is so used to showing off. I don’t think she has gained to much weight, I just think that because she is petite any little bit of weight shows a lot on her. What do you think about Kim Kardashians wardrobe choices ?


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