Celebs Love Facials Orange County Spa Offers04.29.13

Ever wonder how celebrities get that smooth, flawless glow? Besides lots of air brushing and Photoshop celebrities are finally describing their secret weapon to a flawless complexion. From the latest moisturizers, sunscreens, skin treatments and home remedies the stars open up, and I couldn’t help but share. Discover inexpensive or do it yourself ways you can achieve that glow just in time for Summer, some of them may surprise you!

Jessica StamRunway model Jessica Stam raves about facials orange county spa offers saying, “just what’s needed during a hectic fashion week schedule,” (I couldn’t agree more) She is known for her all natural remedies, and it doesn’t surprise me that she loves pumpkin masks that are certified organic. Who wouldn’t love that glow?

Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr swears by using pure coconut oil. She uses about 4 tablespoons over her food, or in her tea for an overall constant glow. Coconut oil is becoming popular in the beauty industry because of it’s full anti-inflammatories and skin friendly fats. Who knew? Pick it up at your local grocery store for around $10.00!

Rachel Bilson’s dermatologist revealed some of her skin smoothing secrets. Want Rachels smooth complexion? Make sure to remove make up before going to sleep and exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Your skin always looks dull when not exfoliated, keep it looking brightened and refreshed by using a gentle exfoliator. Create your own exfoliator with half parts baking soda and half parts water, use 1-2 times per week.

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