Orange County Jewelry Celebrity Inspired04.28.13

Have you been shopping for jewelry that resembles that of some celebrities?  When shopping for the finest jewelry shop at Simone & Son, Orange County jewelry is celebrity inspired. Professional football player Tom Brady has a couple very blinged out Super Bowl. Tom Brady’s played ten seasons as a starter with the New England Patriots. Playing […]

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Kim Kardashian doesnt let pregnancy stop her fashionable self04.27.13

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t  dress fashionable. Take a look at Kim Kardashian even though she is pregnant that sure isn’t stopping her from wearing thongs… it might be maternity thongs but they are thongs no less. Kim has also decided not to wear maternity clothes by the look of things. […]

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I cant believe the Kardashian- Jenner family share clothes04.23.13

Sharing is caring . Even though the Kardashian-Jenner family are worth millions they still don’t mind sharing clothes. It seems that Kim has let her mom Kris Jenner use her red lace Valentino dress. Although Kim can’t wear the dress right now because she is pregnant, it doesn’t mean someone in her family won’t benefit […]

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Celeb Status With The Wedding Rings Orange County Has04.21.13

  It’s no secret that the celebs have the best engagement and wedding rings. As you know, I am constantly reading articles online, posting the latest celeb gossip, and paging through my favorite celeb mags such as People, InTouch, and US Weekly. Not only do I love the latest and greatest fashion trends they sport, […]

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Celebrity Inspired Looks at Orange County Jewelry03.30.13

There are tons of great celebrity inspired looks at Orange County jewelry. We all have a small desire deep inside us to be like a celebrity. With Orange County jewelry, you too can have a halo ring just like some amazing celebrities. At Simone & Son you will find a great selection of jewelry, from […]

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