Celebs Love Facials Orange County Spa Offers04.29.13

Ever wonder how celebrities get that smooth, flawless glow? Besides lots of air brushing and Photoshop celebrities are finally describing their secret weapon to a flawless complexion. From the latest moisturizers, sunscreens, skin treatments and home remedies the stars open up, and I couldn’t help but share. Discover inexpensive or do it yourself ways you can achieve that glow just […]

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Orange County Jewelry Celebrity Inspired04.28.13

Have you been shopping for jewelry that resembles that of some celebrities?  When shopping for the finest jewelry shop at Simone & Son, Orange County jewelry is celebrity inspired. Professional football player Tom Brady has a couple very blinged out Super Bowl. Tom Brady’s played ten seasons as a starter with the New England Patriots. Playing […]

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Stars Ditching Laser Hair Removal For Waxing in Huntington Beach02.22.13

I’m always on celebrity radar, whether it be in magazines, on gossip blogs or watching e! entertainment. I know that most times magazines, TV and photos are usually edited to make celebs look flawless, but I wonder what their beauty regime is like in “real life”. I’m a CA girl and have been struggling with […]

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