Bret still in critical condition04.25.10

Bless his heart, I hope for the best. He totally kicks ass!!

Bret Michaels remains hospitalized in critical condition following a brain hemorrhage Thursday night, his tour manager said in an update posted to his Web site Sunday.

“He is under 24 hour doctors’ care and supervision,” wrote Janna Elias of the rocker, 47, who is in the intensive care unit. “We are hopeful that further tests will locate the source of the bleeding, which has still not been located.

“As we all know, Bret is a fighter and we are hopeful that once all is complete, the slurred speech, blurred vision and dizziness, etc. will be eliminated and all functions will return to normal,” Elias continued.

I’m sure when this ordeal is over, Bret is never going to want to see another lab coat again.

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