Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy just cant keep things amicable04.30.13

What started well didn’t end well. Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy just couldn’t keep things amicable like they said they were. Bethenny and Jason are still going through some divorce issues. Money is an issue even though they had a prenup. Custody of the child they had together is an issue and I am sure anything that they bought together is an issue. I think the only issue these two can agree on is that they want a divorce.

I keep on wondering who was the one who wanted the divorce? I find it surprising that even though Bethenny and Jason are divorcing Jason has been photographed still wearing his wedding ring. I thought as soon as separation or a divorce filing occurs you take off the wedding ring. I am a bit confused by his actions. Do you think that maybe Jason wasn’t the one who wanted to get divorced in the first place ? I hope Bethenny and Jason learn to communicate a little better because they still have a child together and I am sure they will be seeing a lot of each other while raising their daughter.



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